Berlin Finance


If you are looking for a mortgage broker who

  • is independent from any lenders as well as any organizations
  • has access to all potential lenders
  • feels obliged to get you the mortgage which is most appropriate for you
  • does not charge any extra fees
  • provides you with service not just until you have signed a contract, but also during the time you are paying back your mortgage
  • keeps processes for you as simple, reliable and transparent as possible
  • contributes his best for a quick handling
  • gets you in touch with the right people which might accompany your mortgage process (lawyers, notaries, tax advisors, bankers etc.) upon your request
  • adjusts as much as possible to your cultural background

Hello, I am Martin Bonnet. Please feel very welcome to take me on as your partner for your mortgage in Germany!

Then you might like to get to know someone who ...
  • is in this business since 1999
  • speaks/writes English fluently
  • can be reached by e-mail/phone/WhatsApp/Skype/
  • has the attitude to treat clients and business partners in a fair manner
For this all you have to do is take one of the following actions:
When sending an e-mail you might let me learn already
  • where you are (tax) resident
  • whether you are employed or self-employed
  • your nationality
  • whether you plan to use the property for letting or for yourself
  • whether you have any special relationship to Germany
  • whether you prefer to buy as an individual or by a company
  • what your preferred mortgage features (period interest is fixed for, monthly instalments etc.) are