Required Documents:

If you like us to start looking into the best mortgage options for you by launching an online application, then please provide us with basic details about you and the property to be financed by completing our form and uploading the documents requested below:

    Firstly, please complete this form: Download the form

    Secondly, please upload the following documents/details (only in English or German, please):

    Concerning you:

    copy of your passport

    the signed German (!) form “Datenschutzerklärung FBB” (also attached): Download here

    if applicable: proof of the means you are going to use for an immediate downpayment, i.e. purchase price + purchase costs ./. mortgage total (by providing a copy of bank account, saving account or deposit)

    Concerning the property:

    good quality brochure or fact sheet with fotos

    floor plan(s) including sizes

    copy of (draft of) personalized purchase contract or recent and complete excerpt of the land register (not older than 3 months)

    if let: copy of rental contract(s), tenant list or commercial lease(s)

    copy of official site plan/ground plan

    if applicable: copy of complete partition deed including possible amendments